2021 Wins


New York State has raised $4.3 Billion in new, progressive, annual revenue by ending tax breaks for the rich and to invest in our New York

  • For New Yorkers earning more than $1 million (or $2 million in joint filings): increased income tax rates (from 8.82% to 9.65%)
  • Creation of new tax brackets for people who make between $5 million and $25 million (10.3%), and those making over $25 million (10.9%)
  • Increased corporate tax rates: to 7.25% from 6.5% (except for small businesses)
  • To fund excluded workers: over $2 billion raised
  • Foundation Aid to fund public schools: over $4 billion raised
  • Rental assistance and eviction protections for tenants: over $2 billion raised
  • Rental assistance and relief for small businesses: $1 billion raised
  • Learn more about our wins and efforts in the Invest In Our New York Brief Campaign Summary →
New York State has raised $4.3 Billion in new, progressive, annual revenue to invest in New Yorkers by ending two tax breaks for those making more than 1 million in annual income and an increase on the corporate tax rate.

Thank You

This historic accomplishment would not have happened without you. You strategized, organized phone banks, turned out in droves to rallies and protests, shared your stories, met with your legislators, hosted fundraisers, and much much more.

But we're not done yet. We still need to win billions more in revenue for homeless New Yorkers, investments in healthcare, CUNY and SUNY, and more to support New Yorkers from the Northern Catskills to Long Island, from Western New York to the Capitol Region.

What we continue to fight for:

  • Funds for homecare workers
  • Housing Voucher Access Program for unhoused New Yorkers
  • Funding for CUNY academic advisors, full time faculty, mental health care, tuition freeze, and more
  • Funds for artists and gig workers
  • Funding for cost-of-living adjustments for state contracted human services workers
  • Hazard Pay
  • And more, in conjunction with…
  • More taxes on the rich, including the Heirs, Capital Gains and Wall Street Taxes

Thank you to the New York Legislators of the House and Senate for your leadership in demanding that Governor Cuomo's final budget invest in *our* New York, raising new recurring revenue as a top budget priority of 2021: