2023 Campaign


The Invest In Our New York (IONY) Campaign has a plan:

It's called the Invest In Our New York Act. The act can raise $40 billion in new public funds by raising taxes exclusively on the wealthiest people and corporations in our state. It is time for New York to fully invest in the people who drive our economy and the communities we call home. It's time for Governor Hochul and the New York Legislature to Invest in our New York.

If passed, the historic suite of legislation included in the Invest In Our New York Act would represent the single largest measure taken to close New York’s inequality gap in decades. 

Ready to help? Click here to tell your state representatives to put New York's communities over corporations and people over profit! It's time to #InvestInOurNY.

Fully invest in the people who drive our economy and the communities we call home:

  • $10.5 billion - Public Education & Childcare

  • $10.4 billion - Toward Housing

  • $10.5 billion - Addressing the Climate Crisis in NYS

  • $4.5 billion, at least - Workers, Wages and Public Benefits

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Raise new annual public funds by:

  • Transforming New York’s tax system so the ultra-wealthy and wealthy corporations pay what they owe

  • Ending New York’s failed “economic development” corporate giveaways and shifting those public resources toward the Invest in Our New York spending plan.

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New York State has raised $4.3 Billion in new, progressive, annual revenue to invest in New Yorkers by ending two tax breaks for those making more than 1 million in annual income and an increase on the corporate tax rate.