One-House Budget Resolutions


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Our electeds must end tax breaks for the wealthy and start investing in our New York. @[Legislator], will you put real New Yorkers first and for the #InvestInOurNY Act's inclusion in the one-house budget?

The NY budget is our government's moral document. If the @NYSA_Majority & @NYSenate are truly committed to supporting real New Yorkers, they'll include the #InvestInOurNY Act in their one-house budgets. @[Legislator], can we count on you to fight for us?

@[Legislator], please support New Yorkers by including the #InvestInOurNY Act in the [@NYSA_Majority / @NYSenate] one-house budget. It's time to end austerity and fully fund our future!

@[Legislator], we're facing an unprecedented economic crisis: while millions can’t make rent or put food on the table, the wealthiest NYers have grown $87.7 billion richer. The #InvestInOurNY Act is a crucial One-House Budget resolution to include.

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Our economy will only recover when working people have money. It’s time our elected officials prevent cuts to public programs and invest in high-quality education, jobs, housing, and healthcare. The #InvestInOurNY Act ends tax breaks for the wealthy and ensures state revenue benefits the most marginalized communities. [Elected Official], we need you to fight with us by including it in the one-house budget?

[Elected official], the [Senate/Assembly] one-house budget is a moral document that lets us know you’re committed to fighting for real New Yorkers. Will you include the #InvestInOurNY Act so we can finally fund our future? Let’s fight together for our future, and make sure every New Yorker can thrive!

Every New Yorker deserves to thrive. But it’ll only happen if we #InvestInOurNY. [Elected official], can we count on you to fight for us by including the #InvestInOurNY Act in the one-house budget?


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