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People speaking from their own experience make facts State Leaders face take on a heightened sense of meaning—Our stories are powerful.

NYS is facing a deficit of over $60 billion over the next 4 years. Governor Cuomo has responded with austerity, cutting essential services and failing to provide real relief during this economic crisis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March to the end of January 2021, the collective wealth of 120 billionaires leapt by $87.7 billion, or 16.8%.

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"The crisis we're facing is mass destitution — so we need as much revenue raised as we can."
—Senator Biaggi on why we need to #InvestInOurNY

Our economy will only recover when working people have money. Governor Cuomo must end tax breaks for the wealthy and start investing in our New York.

"As a public sector worker in New York City, I've faced the fear of losing my job and healthcare during a pandemic through public sector layoffs to balance the budget. We need millionaires and billionaires who've profited off the pandemic to pay their fair share, not the working people who have helped keep this city and state running." —William, Manhattan

"I am a public defender and a resident of Crown Heights. Many of my neighbors, and most of my clients, experience food insecurity and difficulty paying rent. We MUST pass the Invest In Our New York Act now, to ensure that those who have the most do more to invest in the well-being of our communities." —Elizabeth, Brooklyn

"I'm someone who's taxes will be raised by this, but I support it 100%. My life is made better if my fellow New Yorkers are taken care of. It's long past time people with high wealth and incomes like me paid their fair share. Thank you for your consideration." —Luke, Peekskill

"I’m a healthcare worker. Covid has revealed our strengths as human beings but also the utter failure of our institutions. We need this funding to make sure this avoidable level of death and illness never happen again. Our public services need to be massively expanded in this state to resolve the healthcare, economic, and environmental crisis that we’ve found ourselves in." — Sean, Manhattan

"My family and friends have lost their livelihoods from not receiving substantial financial support for their small businesses. They've lost healthcare, lost their homes. All of this has CONTRIBUTED and INTENSIFIED the mental health constraints we/they were already experiencing. Economic stability IS mental health support." —Danielle, Suffolk County

"My property taxes are astronomical because we don't have NYS and FED funding of schools in NY. Money needs to be put into schools (by taxing the rich) to relieve the tax burden on localities." —Joseph, Albany area

"My sympathy is with the thousands of undocumented people in our state who have been working and paying taxes but are on their own to survive now." —Judy, New Paltz

"I am one of the lucky ones. My husband was a stock broker on the AMEX for 30 years and we are very comfortable. I often feel the injustice that we have so much, pay no taxes because our income is fully invested, and working people pay 20% or more of their hard earned income in taxes that pay for services I use. Wall Street transaction taxes were in effect from 1905-1981 and did not have a negative impact on New York's financial industry." —Kathryn, Hudson Valley

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