Pass the Invest In Our New York Act

The Act can raise $50 billion to rebuild New York's economy by ending tax breaks for the richest New Yorkers.

While millions can’t make rent or put food on the table the wealthiest have grown $87.7 billion richer during the pandemic. Tell Governor Cuomo, "New York can't wait—pass the INVEST IN OUR NEW YORK ACT, now!"

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Our economy will only recover when working people have money. Governor Cuomo must end tax breaks for the wealthy and start investing in our New York:

  • Prevent cuts to public programs and invest in high quality education, jobs, housing and healthcare.
  • Ensure state revenue benefits the most vulnerable communities including essential workers, workers excluded from federal unemployment, people with disabilities and low-income New Yorkers.
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Petition to demand we pass the 'Invest In Our New York Act'


We have made real progress in this fight — New York State has raised $4.3 Billion in new, progressive, annual revenue to tax the rich and invest in New Yorkers! But we're not done yet. We still need to win billions more in revenue. Read about our 2021 wins and ongoing efforts in the 5-page Brief Campaign Summary →

The Invest In Our New York Act:

  • 1# Progressive Income Tax

  • 2# Capital Gains Tax

  • 3# Heirs’ Tax

  • 4# Billionaires’ Tax

  • 5# Corporate Tax

  • 6# Wall Street Tax

Progressive Income Tax

Bill# S2622, A4604: Creates an equitable tax system where New Yorkers pay a higher rate if they earn significantly more money.

  • Assemblymember Meeks,
  • Senator Jackson,
  • Raises 15 billion.

Capital Gains Tax

Bill# S2522, A03352: Taxes income from investments like stocks the same as wages.

  • Assemblymember Kim,
  • Senator Rivera,
  • Raises: $7 billion.

Heirs’ Tax

Bill# S3462, A04643: A progressive tax on large sums of inherited wealth.
Not affected: family houses up to $2 million, money from pensions or retirement funds, and family farms.

  • Assemblymember Solages,
  • Senators Brisport, Sanders,
  • Raises: $8 billion.

Billionaires’ Tax

Bill# S04482, A05092 AKA Mark to Market Tax: Billionaires’ tax and a Constitutional amendment to allow an additional tax on wealth.

  • Assemblymember De La Rosa,
  • Senators Ramos, Jackson
  • Raises: $23 billion in the first year, $1.3 billion per year thereafter.

Corporate Tax

Bill# S2833, A04595: A bill to repeal the Trump tax cuts, by restoring taxes on the profit a corporation makes each year.

  • Assemblymember Kelles,
  • Senator Hoylman,
  • Raises: $9 billion.

Wall Street Tax

Bill# S3980, A5215: AKA Financial Transaction Tax. Places small taxes on trades of stocks, bonds, and derivatives – a sales tax like you and I pay for coffee and other goods. Unlike other major financial centers like London and Hong Kong, New York currently doesn’t place any tax on financial transactions.

  • Assemblymember Niou,
  • Senator Salazar,
  • Raises: $9 billion.

The Invest In Our New York Act:

The Invest In Our New York Act:

New York State faces a deficit of ~$60B over the next 4 years.
Our 2021 wins raised enough revenue to stop new budget cuts. Now we need to win billions more in order to counter the last decade of tax cuts on the rich and austerity measures on the budget.

We must continue the fight to raise revenue and fund our future. We must pass new measures including the Heirs Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Wall Street Tax.

Invest In Our New York Campaign - Steering Committee

The Invest in Our New York Act raises $50 billion so we can take care of each other and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers. The Invest in Our New York Act raises $50 billion so we can take care of each other and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers. The Invest in Our New York Act raises $50 billion so we can take care of each other and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers.

Invest In Our New York Campaign - Coalition Members

  • African Communities Together
  • African Services Committee
  • Bowen Public Affairs Consulting, Inc.
  • Campaign for New York Health
  • Center for Community Alternatives
  • Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC)
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  • African Communities Together
  • African Services Committee
  • Bowen Public Affairs Consulting, Inc.
  • Campaign for New York Health
  • Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of NYS
  • Center for Community Alternatives
  • Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC)
  • CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies
  • District Council 37
  • Doctors Council SEIU (Service Employees International Union)
  • Flatbush Tenant Coalition
  • GMHC
  • Greater NYC for Change (GNYCfC)
  • Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network
  • Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing
  • Literacy Assistance Center
  • Long Island Activists
  • Long Island Progressive Coalition
  • Met Council on Housing
  • Metro New York Health Care for All
  • New Hour for Women & Children lI
  • New York Immigration Coalition
  • New York Progressive Action Network
  • North Forkers for the Common Good
  • Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition
  • PEER/NYPAN: Progressive East End Reformers
  • RENA (Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association)
  • Riders Alliance
  • Struggling to Reunite Our New Generation
  • Tenants Political Action Committee
  • The #HALTsolitary Campaign
  • Youth Alliance for Housing (YAH)
  • Second Chance Reentry, Inc.
  • Teens Take Charge
  • Portside
  • Tompkins County Progressives
  • City-Wide Tenant Union of Rochester
  • Queens United Independent Progressives
  • Resource Generation NYC
  • Freelancers Union
  • Brandworkers
  • Commission on the public’s health system
  • Patriotic Millionaires
  • Young Long Island for Justice
  • Queens Climate Project
  • Housing Works, Inc.
  • Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association
  • Cooper Square Committee
  • Fourth Universalist Society
  • Buffalo Democratic Socialists of America
  • Grassroots Action NY
  • Neighbors Together
  • Carroll Gardens Association (CGA)
  • Rockaway Youth Task Force
  • CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities
  • Housing Rights Initiative (HRI)
  • Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
  • Village Independent Democrats
  • Inwood Indivisible
  • MORE-UFT (Movement of Rank and File Educators of the United Federation of Teachers)
  • NYS-UE (New York State United Educators)
  • 89th Street Tenants Unidos Association
  • DRUM - Desis Rising Up & Moving
  • RTU
  • Social Service Workers Uprising Now (SSWUN)
  • Show Up LI
  • Music Workers Alliance
  • Indivisible Harlem
  • Indivisible Mohawk Valley
  • New York Youth Climate Leaders
  • Indivisible Nassau County
  • Movement for a People's Party
  • Rise and Resist
  • NYPAN Greene
  • Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson
  • PNHP NY Metro
  • Manhattan Young Democrats
  • Downtown Women for Change
  • Concerned Citizens For Change
  • New York People's Party
  • Street Vendor Project, Urban Justice Center
  • Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle
  • Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow
  • Persist Brooklyn
  • Community Service Society of New York
  • Jews for Racial & Economic Justice
  • Black Lives Matter Brooklyn
  • Staten Island Women Who March
  • Indivisible Long Beach
  • Network for a Sustainable Tomorrow
  • Riders 4 Rights
  • Morningside Heights Resistance
  • Truth Pharm Inc.
  • Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Long Island
  • Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Riverdale
  • Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW)
  • Young Invincibles
  • In The Fight North Brooklyn
  • Release Aging People in Prison Campaign
  • City Wide Tenants Union
  • South Central Brooklyn United for Progress
  • Worker Justice Center of New York
  • Metro Justice
  • Indivisible Ulster
  • Lower Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists of America
  • CUNY Rising Alliance
  • League of Independent Theaters
  • Responsible Wealth
  • CNY Solidarity Coalition
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice, Rochester Chapter (SURJ ROC)
  • Main Street Alliance
  • Westchester for Change
  • Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America
  • Human Services Council
  • New Economy Project
  • WESPAC Foundation, Inc.
  • Círculo de la Hispanidad
  • Upper West Side Action
  • Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA)
  • Open Buffalo
  • United University Professions
  • Drug Policy Alliance - New York
  • Jahajee Sisters
  • Partnerships in Education to Avoid Criminal Justice System Entry (P.E.A.C.E. Afterschool Program, Inc.)
  • SURJ ROC (Showing Up for Racial Justice - Rochester, NY)
  • Rockland United
  • NYCD16-Invisible
  • Friends of Bridge, Inc.
  • Amplifying Activists Together
  • HTLV/XMRV National Registry (National NGO BioMedical/BioPolitical Group)
  • Indivisible New Rochelle
  • Dance Artists National Collective
  • DC37 Progressives
  • Sunrise Nassau
  • Hunger Free America Inc
  • Voters For Animal Rights
  • Long Beach Reach, Inc.
  • Swipe Out Hunger
  • Indivisible Binghamton
  • Indivisible Nation BK
  • Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF)
  • Progressive Schenectady
  • Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts
  • Irvington Activists
  • Indivisible Stephentown
  • Together We Will Long Island
  • New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
  • Committee of Interns and Residents (SEIU)
  • Solidarity Committee, Capital District
  • Indivisible Ulster
  • R & R (Reachout & Rebuild)
  • Our Kitchen Table
  • GrassRoots Action New York
  • Adirondack Voters for Change, Inc.
  • CCoHOPE: Cortlandt/Croton On Hudson/Ossining/PEekskill
  • ACT UP/NY (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power)
  • Positive Action Mohawk Valley (PAMV)
    -Reclaim Pride Coalition
  • Legal Services Staff Association, NOLSW/UAW 2320
  • Indivisible NY24
  • Indivisible Syracuse
  • Círculo de la Hispanidad